Ecotherapy at Open Sky Therapy

Open Sky Therapy aims to help people manage a variety of issues using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Ecotherapy. Both therapies have proven benefits for mental health. I offer one to one CBT sessions in a therapy room, I also offer one to one and group therapy in a less formal outdoors setting. Ecotherapy can mean a multitude of different things. At Open Sky Therapy it is about using the outdoors to help you reconnect with yourself. It’s about giving you some time out; allowing yourself to be more mindful and notice the world around you; to put down the mobile phone for a little while and breathe. This can be surprisingly therapeutic in itself.

By incorporating CBT and mindfulness in the beneficial outdoors environment it becomes a real therapeutic journey in to wellbeing.

Before retraining as a CBT therapist I worked as a Countryside Ranger for 20 years. The majority of my time was spent working with groups and the public in the outdoors, I saw first hand the benefits that can be gained from being in the environment. I lead guided walks, practical volunteer groups and events including bushcraft and wildlife identification. As a therapist I see the outdoors as a valuable tool to help people on their road to recovery and wellbeing.
Ecotherapy at Open Sky Therapy not only works with specific problems but can also increase self esteem and confidence through learning new skills and self acceptance. It can be provided one to one or to small groups.
If therapy in the outdoors doesn’t appeal to you, I also offer one to one therapy in a conventional therapy room setting.
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