What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is one of the names given to therapeutic benefits of being in the outdoors and nature.   It covers a broad range of treatments that improve both physical and mental health.  

Spending time in nature has been proven to help manage and prevent mental ill health. Busy schedules and more sedentary lifestyle have taken us away from our natural environment and it’s benefits.  

Reconnecting with nature in this way offers clients a  safe place to talk and explore their feelings, while finding space to unwind and relax.  Being in nature can help clients to feel more grounded and enjoy a mindful experience that they can take away into everyday life. 

Ecotherapy Sessions

I offer a number of options for different Ecotherapy experiences. All of which operate from Glantawe Riverside Park, Pontardawe. 


Eco-CBT  combines all of the unique and special qualities of connecting with nature to a structured CBT treatment plan.  Eco-CBT is collaborative and less restricted.  Along with CBT it combines elements of mindfulness, compassion focused therapy with bush craft and conservation.  There are numerous benefits to taking therapy outside:

  • Easily accessed.
  • Less formal. 
  • Can form part of the treatment plan. 
  • Naturally reduces stress.
  • Less perceived stigma.
  • Grounding and calming. 
  • Creates behavioural change.

Walk and Talk

Walking bootsA walk and talk session can feel much more relaxed than meeting in a therapy office.  It brings the benefits of being outdoors as well as those associated with physical exercise.   By getting out for a walk and talk clients can find that it helps to kick start a healthier lifestyle. 


Ecotherapy Groups

Ecotherapy groups are usually small groups of people engaging in outdoor activities, these can include practical work, bushcraft or green woodworking.  Ecotherapy groups combine the benefits of physical exercise and wellbeing along with increased self esteem, a sense of community and feelings of accomplishment.  For more information about Ecotherapy groups please see my Facebook page or contact me.