Open Sky Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and EMDR

I would like to help you to overcome your past and manage your mental health for a balanced and happier future.  

I am a psychotherapist offering CBT and EMDR therapy in the outdoors in the Swansea valley and Neath Port Talbot.  I passionately believe in the benefits of CBT and EMDR provided in a natural environment.  The outdoors offers a safe space without the the stigma of attending an office.  The benefits of nature for our mental health is widely documented, imagine soaking in these benefits whilst taking part in good quality therapy with a proven evidence base.  I believe that therapy in the outdoors can help most people find relief from the symptoms of mental health disorders.  If you are unsure about therapy outdoors I also offer online appointments.  

Outdoor therapy room

Therapy area at Riverside Park

Therapy can help you process past difficulties, provide you with tools to manage your present and give hope for the future.  

To find out more please browse through the information on the following pages and please get in touch for informal chat.  

What I treat

I treat most mental health problems.  Sometimes it is hard to name what you are struggling with, you just know something isn’t right.  We don’t need to label it, we can work it out together.  In recent years I have specialised in treating trauma,  this can be childhood trauma, combat trauma, rape, car accidents etc. 

Low mood
Generalised anxiety
Social anxiety
Health anxiety
Stress management
Abusive relationships
Low self esteem

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