Therapy outdoors

Why have therapy in the outdoors? Why not?!?  There are many other therapists offering therapy in rooms and that is great  but I believe in offering people choice.  A therapy room isn’t for everyone.   Being outdoors has so many benefits.  It has been widely discussed in the past few years how important nature is for our mental health.  There are many reasons why nature is good for us from exposure to sunlight to a feeling of freedom.  I believe having therapy in the outdoors in beneficial because you get all of those benefits whilst receiving evidence based (tried and tested) therapy  from a fully qualified psychotherapist. 

Another great aspect of outdoor therapy is it puts you on a level with the therapist whilst on neutral territory.  This frees up the conversion and makes the whole experience less formal.  Also the outdoors is naturally grounding,  it is much easier to engage in therapy and and discuss difficult subjects when you are in a more grounded and relaxed state.   Being outdoors offer opportunities for freedom, empowerment and opportunities for positive challenges. 

Depending on your treatment plan outdoor sessions will carried out walking trails or in an outdoor therapy space around the campfire. 

Outdoor therapy room