CBT, What is it?

We’ve been hearing a lot recently about mental health and how many people in the UK are suffering.  Chances are, if you are reading this that you have heard of CBT,  it’s the buzz therapy at the moment. It’s recommended by doctors, counsellors, the government and the many people who have successfully been treated using it.  It also has a load of science to back it up.

So, what is it?? 

It’s just counselling right???  I’ll  lie on a sofa while some shrink gets me to talk about my relationship with my mother. 


CBT is a brilliantly simple and practical way to deal with what can be very complex and distressing issues.  It is usually one to one but can be done online or telephone (click here to find out more about what to expect in a session).  The therapist works with you to understand what is going on for you why you came for therapy. 

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